Julia Mathea at 8?

Julia, at 8, was the flower girl at her sister Emma's wedding on April 28 1918. This is a detail of a picture sent to Budapest at the time.

Julia Mathea at 18? Julia Mathea at 22?
Julia? at 18?, 1928.Julia at 22?, 1932.

Julia at 19? and Ann at 24? Julia Mathea at 20? Julia Mathea at 21?
Julia at 19? and Ann at 24?Julia at 20?Julia at 21?

Julia's Wedding Invitation

A copy of the wedding invitation was sent to the Matheas in Budapest. Of course "Henry" should have been Harry and "Albert C." should have been Albert F.

Julia's Wedding Day, 9/1/34 with a flower girl

Julia's Wedding Day? September 1 1934? She is 24. In the Jefferson Ave backyard with a flower girl? But dress, shoes and flowers are not the same as in the next picture.

with Marie Kerner.

Leaving the church. This flower girl is Marie Kerner.

Harry, Julia and Jim Jensen Sept 1936

Julia, Harry, and Jim About September 1936 Harry is 30 here, Julia is 27, Jim is about 18 months. Allen will be born in about four months.

Julia with Maryann and Judy in front of the house in Gerrittsen Beach, about 1952. Car is a 1951 Ford.