Hank Jensen drove east in the summer of 1997 looking for our mother's father's birthplace. He found it in Presov. Here are some of the pictures he brought back with him. You can read about the history of Presov here.

Albert Mathea's birthplace, 34 Hlavna Masarykova (Mrs. Masaryk Avenue), behind the tree on the right.(September 18 1864) The people are waiting for one of the many buses which stop along the street at this point.

The old Town Hall. Hank's hotel was 200m through the tunnel.

Here are three views of the Greek Orthodox Church of St Nicholas.

Greek Catholic Church of Saint John the Baptist with the Bishop's Palace just beyond it.

Basilica belonging to the Franciscan Monastery.

In the garden behind the Rectory. On the left is the Roumanian (Hungarian ethnic) interpreter with Father Joseph Banfi and his mother on the right and his housekeeper on the left.

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