~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CARTE DE VISITE - MARIA MALINAK 4/14/1841 - 2/15/1890 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
(Karoly and Albert Mathea's Mother)

Maria Malinak about 1880??
(Not earlier than 1873.)

The back shows Karoly Divald's studio was
in Eperjes (now Presov) in Szepes County and
also at Barfai Spa and Tatra Fured, another spa resort.
This portrait hung in the Mathea home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Baptismal Certificate - MARIA MALINAK 4/14/1841 - 2/15/1890 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This document shows that Maria's father was Stephan Malinovski and her mother was Maria Janos.
Godparents were Stephan Knalka (sp?) and Anna Veres.