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Kegunaan metoclopramide 10 mg once a day, and 5 mg 4 days prior to a high protein diet. Both these supplements were taken in combination with the high protein diet. results revealed a decrease of weight gains, reduction body fat percentage (body was not measured), increased muscle mass, and improvements in the serum antioxidant levels. In the third study, a group of 12 healthy adults (5 men, 9 women) taking either a 3.9 g dose of vitamin B6 (dextrose) or a placebo was given high protein diet for 6 weeks. The vitamin B6 group improved body weight by 4.5 pounds and fat mass by 7.5 percent. The subjects who received 3.9 percent (dextrose) dose of B-Vitamins (as a placebo) lost total of 7 pounds on the high protein diet, while Online coupons canada drug pharmacy placebo group lost 11 pounds. The final study also tested use of high-potency vitamin B6 and as an adjuvant therapy in obese and overweight subjects. Sixteen women taking a placebo diet (diet was high in sucrose, low protein) were given a daily dose of high-potency vitamin B6 (1 mg), or Albuterol tablets online australia a placebo. During this 6-week period they lost weight and improved body composition while reducing fat mass by 3%. The vitamin B6-treated group had a significant reduction of liver fat and improved blood lipid ratios. The main side effects were an increase in the plasma cholesterol, a decrease of HDL2 and mild elevation triglycerides. No serious side effects were observed despite the high concentration of Vitamin B6 used (500 mcg per pill) when ingested daily at this dose level. Although there have been numerous case reports of Vitamin B6 supplementation on subjects with obesity, the available results have been quite equivocal when compared to a more rigorous and controlled series conducted on a single study (12). A study performed on an obese population and a double blind controlled trial done on an obese population showed that Vitamin B6 supplementation resulted in weight loss, improvements body composition, and significant reductions in serum liver fat. The evidence shows that high-potency Vitamin B6 and in adjuvant therapy should be used in individuals who are obese, but it should not be used with other medications or forms of obesity therapy. For further information consult the