Healy-Jensen Family, Keansburg, NJ, 1920 HEALYS AND JENSENS 1920
Keansburg, NJ

During the summer of 1920 Bart Healy and his wife, Hannah Bone came down from Maine and joined the Jensens at Keansburg, New Jersey for a few days of summer relaxation. To reach Keansburg, which was a seashore vacation destination at that time and which still boasts of an amusement park and bills itself as the "Gateway to the Jersey Shore", one took a ferry from Brooklyn(?) across New York Harbor to the Jersey shore between Sandy Hook Bay and Raritan Bay. The ride probably took about an hour, perhaps on a steam driven stern-wheeler.

Shown here are Catherine Jensen (25), Mary Healy Jensen (55), Hannah Bone Healy, Bartholomew "Batty" Healy, Elizabeth Jensen (19), Edith Nubel (a friend), Rose Jensen (23), Harry Jensen (13) and a "neighbor girl."

At some time this photo was cut or split diagonally down the middle. A repair was made later with clear cellophane tape, perhaps when Elizabeth mounted it on corner tabs in her album. The right side of the picture is now visibly lower than the left side. The difference can be seen in the girl's belt and in Mary Healy's left hand. Fortunately, the mismatch does not spoil the general effect of the picture because the split does not cross faces. No attempt has been made to remove the tape because doing so would probably damage the image.

Healy-Jensen Family, Keansburg, NJ, 1920